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[NEWS] Movensys Announces Compact Industrial PC Optimized for WMX

  • 2021.11.24
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Movensys (https://www.movensys.com/CEO PyongwonPak) announced on the 24th that it has released the compact industrial PC 'MCX-CM210' optimized for its soft motion controller 'WMX'.

Movensys is the first company in the world to develop a motion control solution that controls factory equipment only with software for the first time in the world, and is supplying technology and products to leading semi-conductor companies at home and abroad. 

The MCX-CM210 is a equipment that Movensys has directly manufactured, tested and manufactured for many companies using WMX and those that will be introduced in the future. It minimizes additional settings by providing high compatibility with WMX, and it is bundled with WMX and supplied at a reasonable price. This product has strong durability suitable for industrial environments, provides ample input/output such as 6 serial ports and 3 network ports, and is designed to implement various applications through a configuration suitable for industrial environments. In addition, by adding an expansion module, it is possible to expand the PCI Express type graphics card, PoE card, etc., and it reflects various customer requirements.

Pyongwon Pak, CEO of Movensys, said, “This new product of Dunamis, a hardware brand of Movensys, is a solution bundle of WMX software to differentiate it from other hardware products. We plan to provide optimal technical support to our customers.”