• Moventecture

    Moventecture is an open architecture technology unique to Movensys that optimizes connectivity with other software and networks through modularization for each detailed function of ‘Soft Motion’ and ‘Soft Master’.

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  • Soft Motion

    Soft Motion is the control area of Moventecture, and it is MOVENSYS' proprietary motion control technology designed in software. It is a core technology that can perform real-time high-speed multi-axis motion control through fast calculation and fixed cycle processing, and enables customization of c…

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  • Soft Master

    Soft Master is a communication module of Moventecture, a software-type fieldbus communication technology developed by MOVENSYS. We provide communication technologies of CC-Link IE TSN and MECHATROLINK-4, including EtherCAT, an Ethernet-based industrial standard fieldbus network.

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