Soft Motion

Soft Motion

Soft Motion is unique software-based technology originally developed in-house by Movensys. Soft Motion is optimized for high speed, multi-axes motion control for various manufacturing equipment without additional control board, PLC or standalone controller


Advanced motion profile support and synchronization with many motors
Adjustable memory usage according to requirements
Dynamic memory allocation enables unlimited real-time sequence as well as advanced controls
Real-time operation at Windows PC (Refer to the picture)

=> Separate execution of real-time kernel from Windows by allocating dedicated CPU core.

    Motion control and communications are performed on top of real-time kernel.


1. High speed sequence and data update

  High speed data communication enables improved equipment sequence and update
  Advanced motion control and performance - efficiency, takt time
  Real-time operation of sequences 
2. Optimizing PC resource with flexible system

  - Modular architecture enables optimization of PC resource and helps building flexible control system

3. Simplified secondary development

  - User-friendly system interface for developing customized motion control engine

4. Easy maintenance and adding features

5. Reduced PC size with cost saving
- Being a software solution, PC size is reduced and the cost of purchasing additional hardware type board is eliminated.

6. Simulation with Soft Motion

- Development phase and resources can be minimized with the help of 3D simulator showing equipment operation status

7Minimized Cabling Clutter

- Footrprint and cost are reduced thanks to simple cable connections

8. Smart Factory

- Integration of Soft Motion and Edge Computing

 - Real-time data collection enables the analysis of equipment lifetime expectancy, increases manufacturing process, and optimizes diagnosis of production related issues

Distinctive Features from Competitors





Movensys Motion
Control Solution

Windows Software

Utilizing CPU of PC

Network type


▪ Addition hardware is not required

▪ Multi axes control

▪ High-speed, large amount data transfer

Competitors' Motion Control Solution

Hardware based PC Controller Board 

Motion Chip in the Controller Board

Pulse type

▪ Additional hardware(board) purchase and maintenance

▪ Hard to modify

▪ Limited capability of Motion Chip

▪ Challenges of multi axes control

Network type