Core Competency

Soft Motion and Soft Master are Movensys' original software-based EtherCAT motion control solution which leads the Industry 4.0

Soft Master

Soft Master

Soft Master is software-based fieldbus communication technology developed by Movensys. Soft Master supports EtherCAT, CC-Link IE TSN, Real-time Express (RTEX), and MECHATROLINK-4.


EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) is Ethernet based industry standard fieldbus protocol. Movensys solution is the first of its kind as an independent developer in the software based EtherCAT Master Stack in Korea. 
<Supporting Class A level features maximizing EtherCAT>

Full synchronization of 128 axes with 1ms, 16 axes with 0.125ms. Different speed settings by axes are available. 

• High compatibility with a number of different slave brands
• Top class performance and reliability proved by mass productions over 10 years

• Dual cycle support (control with two separate communication cycle)


Outstanding Performance

- DC synchronization accuracy less than ±5ns reduces synchronization load regardless of the number of nodes

- Maximum Communication cycle 0.125ms (8KHz)
- Reduced CPU load by 25-30% compared to general industrial fieldbus system

Superb Flexibility

- Extended connection mixed with line, tree, star, dual nodes topology

- Disconnection, reconnection support within network by automatic sensing connection feature

- Hot connect, cable redundancy, flexible network topology configuration during operation


- Automatic assignment of node address removes network configuration

- Easy network troubleshooting

Complete Openness

- Compatible with all types of modules supporting EtherCAT
- User customizable EtherCAT Master and slave

  (99.9% compatibility, continuous compatibility update, simultaneous support for multiple vendor products)

Proved Technology

-  A variety of applications in the semi-conductor, display, medial, measurement industries worldwide.



TSN(Time Sensitive Networking) ​uses time sharing technology of Ethernet bandwidth that enables deterministic real-time feature by priority control. It enables building flexible system with different types of devices and offers excellent management features. Suitable for building IoT infrastructure throughout entire Smart Factory. Movensys' TSN support realizes high-speed large capacity transfer, reduces takt time, and improves productivity. 

<CC-LINK IE TSN Introductory Video>





Realtime Express(RTEX) ​is a high speed synchronous motion network developed by Panasonic to achieve hard real-time for servos. While offering 100Mbps, which is 10 times faster than previous models, RTEX system cost can be kept low by using commercial LAN cable. For this reason, the adoption of RTEX has been growing in the industries such as semiconductors, liquid crystal manufacturing equipment, electronic parts where both high speed and low cost are required. Additionally, its simple protocol allows easy development of compliant controller than general motion network.


MECHATROLINK-4 ​is an open field network used for industrial automation that connects the controller and all components on the network. Its high-speed communications and data synchronization increase system speed and provide advanced functionality. MECHATROLINK uses simple cable connections to reduce wiring, downsize the system, and enable easy system expansion.