Core Competency

Movensys' motion control solution (WMX) consists of an open architecture, Moventecture,
which consists of a motion control technology, Soft Motion, and a communication technology, Soft Master.



Moventecture is an open architecture technology unique to Movensys that optimizes connectivity with other software and networks through modularization for each detailed function of ‘Soft Motion’ and ‘Soft Master’.

Advantages of Moventecture


1. Stablereal-time implementation
 - Maintainto regularity by storing the control commands of windows in each memory channeland buffer and transmitting the commands according to the cycle
 - Possibleto fast and accurate control calculation through the same control signal andlanguage regardless of network
 - Possibleto stable control by processing at precise intervals on the real-time OS
 - Freedomto configure the sequence by setting the cycle you want

2. Multi-network

 - Possibleto various network matching only by changing the interface since the controlmodule and the communication module are separated
 - Utilizehybrid network by defining two or more communication protocols within theinterface

3. Device reliability and scalability

 - Possibleto create and add a separate control device besides general motion
 - Maintainoptimal system resources by automatically creating a status monitoringmanagement unit for each device
 - Minimizeconflicts between devices by using individual memory and buffers in each device

    *Device: an element or handler that can perform a control operation; Utility

4. Program extensibility

 - Possibleto optimal linkage with 3rdparty programs other than motion control programs
 - Possibleto develop and customize your own sequence by providing API library

5. High compatibility with hardware

 - Compatiblewith various slave H/W considering only communication protocol
 - Maximizehardware scalability when using multi-network