Movensys provides a variety of hardware products including IPC, I/O, Servo.

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Stepping Servo

Stepping Servo is an EtherCAT Stepping module that supports CAN Application Layer over EtherCAT (COE).
Using the advantages of stepping motors, it takes very short positioning time with no response delay and can be used at a reasonable price.


<SMR – STEP EtherCAT Features> 

• Response frequency 3.2kHz
• Industry-leading high speed (6500r/min), high torque
• Realization of small and light weight (67.5 mm, 750g)
• High-speed response, high-precision positioning
• Simple and quick setup, settling time reduced by about 64% compared to conventional ones
• Supports full-closed control (command input 8 Mpps, feedback output 4 Mpps high-speed response)




<SMR – SERVO EtherCAT Features​>

• EtherCAT Slave module supporting CAN Application Layer over EtherCAT (COE)​
• It is possible to always know the current position by encoder feedback 
 (it generates high torque for 100% load, so it can be operated without step-out)​
• Minimize heat generation by automatically controlling motor current​
• You can set the motor current up to 150% by setting the boost current​
• Very short positioning time with no response delay by taking advantage of stepping motor​
• Since the motor stops completely after the motor stop command, there is no micro-vibration.