Movensys provides a variety of hardware products including IPC, I/O, Servo.

HardwareI/OR1-EC Series

R1-EC Series

Delta's R1-EC Series offers rugged and compact gateway-type E-bus power couplers and 16-channel digital I/O remote modules for high-precision and demanding industrial applications.


Delta's R1-EC Series offers R1-EC Series EtherCAT slave modules for remote I/O connectivity, allowing OEMs to build machines in a modular way without compromising performance. The R1-EC series is a single axis pulse with digital input (DI) up to 0.1 msec, digital output (DO) of 0.5A per point, analog input (AI) and output with 16-bit resolution (AO) and stepper drive control. Print. This I/O system is DIN rail mountable, slice oriented and includes removable "push and plug" terminals for simple wiring and quick installation.

      Simple EtherCAT network configuration​

      PUSH IN connection technology​

      Easy module recognition as individual slave​​