Movensys contributes to the change of society through unceasing technical innovation.​

Beyond Motion Control,
Making Factory Smarter

'Making customers' equipment smarter' is Movensys' promise and will.​
We will realize this through easier and more versatile motion control technology​

Movensys was founded in 1996, as a project of Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT). From the beginning, Movensys has been striving to become a future-oriented leader in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

In 2021, Movensys has changed its company name with the spirit of becoming a technology-intensive global leading company in the robot, motion control, and high tech measurement industries. Under the company slogan of "contributing to the social change through continuous technological innovation," all our employees are making effort to provide customized automation solution as well as system consulting service throughout the various industrial sectors such as semi-conductor, display, and information communication equipment.


Movensys -
A New Leader
of the Future

As a top Smart Factory solution provider armed with differentiated software technology, professional enthusiasm and challenging spirit, we contribute to the successful accomplishment of the 4th Industrial Revolution of our customers in the semi-conductor and display manufacturing industries.

We shall improve the value of life for our customers, partners, employees and contribute to the sustainable future society..​


Global Presence