WMX is Movensys' software control brand and software-based motion control platform.

  • Real-time OS
  • Windows
  • MovenView

Real-time based Motion Control Platform

Moventecture is a unique technology architecture that enables motion control of equipment on Windows PCs with only software alone.
It helps replacing traditional motion controller boards by reducing complex cablings of legacy hardware based systems. Motion control from a single PC simplifies overall system overhead, and customers can customize real-time control threads according to their requirements for high speed and accuracy.​

* The install file can be used by customers who have purchased WMX by entering the WMX activation code.

Main Features


Moventecture based Motion Control Solution

Consists of an open architecture that combines self-developed soft motion and soft master technology


Running real-time control on one Windows PC

Versatility and real-time performance to users by distributing the Windows and real-time operating system by core.

Stable periodicity by shipping with real-time OS

No additional motion chip or I/O boards required

Real-time synchronous control of up to 128 axes and up to 0.125ms (16 axes) with one PC


Master function optimally combined with RTX

Minimize errors by organic combination of real-time OS and WMX


Provides a modular API library

Flexible, customized development by end users

Customized motion control can be materialized


Smart engineering tool MovenView

Separate WMX option for virtual simulation tool for machine control sequence developers

WMX Motion Features and Specifications

Advanced Motion Features

  • Motion Profile

    Speed curve : Trapezoidal, S-Curve, Jerk, Two-Velocity, Timed Profile

    Acceleration curve : Advanced Jerk, Sinusoidal, Parabolic, MAT

    Other : PVT

  • Interpolation Types

    Linear, Arc, Helical

  • Trajectory Function

    Linear and circular arc continuous 2D/3D trajectory, Spline(B/C) trajectory, Automatic look-ahead speed adjustment

  • Synchronous Function

    General Sync, Gantry Homing, Sync Deviation Compensation, E-CAM

  • Real-time Function

    Event registration according to I/O and motion conditions, Real-time sequence buffer

  • Position Compensation Function

    Backlash compensation, 2D/3D position compensation


  • Robot Function

    6-axis Vertical Robot(6-DOF Robot), SCARA Robot

  • Anti-vibration Motion Function

    AVX (Anti-Vibration Extended License)

  • Special Function

    Closed-loop Force Control

Product Specifications

  • Number of Control Axes

    4~128 Axes ㅣ Up to 64 sets for synchronous and interpolation control

  • I/O

    64,000 inputs ㅣ 64,000 outputs ㅣ Total 128KB

  • Communication / Command Cycle

    0.125ms(16-axis) ㅣ 0.25ms(32-axis) ㅣ 0.5ms(64-axis) ㅣ 1ms(128-axis) ㅣ 2ms ㅣ 4ms

  • Maximum Number of Nodes


  • Communication Platform


  • Communication Connection Method

    Line | Ring | Star | Hybrid Communication

  • Development Language

    C | C++ | C# | VB | Python

PC Recommended Specifications

  • CPU

    Intel 8th Gen or higher recommended, i3, i5, i7, Xeon

  • Operating System

    Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC recommended

  • Version

    Windows 10 1809 or higher

  • Supported Network Card

    Support Intel NIC

  • RAM

    8GB or more

For more detailed specifications, please check the online manual on the website.

Main Solution

Hybrid Communication Solution

Responds to various industrial networks depending on customer needs


Provides customers with protocol-agnostic hardware vendor choices

Possible to minimize the issues of equipment lead time and delivery by replacing with another slave

Possible to mix and apply servos or I/Os corresponding to different protocols depending on customer demand

AVX(Anti-Vibration Extended License)

Apply to processes requiring high-precision under high-speed conditions using industrial robots

Non-Stop process from data measurement to application with integrated and optimized system with WMX Robot API and General Motion API

Detect a machine breakdown before it happens by sensing the end-point where the vibration occurs

Improve vibration of end-point by directly calculating anti-vibration algorithm

Improve productivity by reducing the defect rate and downtime

WMX Closed-loop Control Solution

Real-time closed-loop control based on analog data of EtherCAT I/O with WMX’s real-time motion technology

Application of motion technology in various fields using sensor data (Press, Bonding, Roller, Calibration, etc.)

Use Cases :

Press Control

Low overshoot with high-speed and high-precision control by measuring load cell data and applying it to control in real-time

Soft landing of less than 5Nm through high-speed and high-precision control

Tension Control

Maintain regular tension by adjusting the Velocity value in real-time depending on the tension(Force)