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It is our firm belief that you must be proactive, not just waiting, to achieve your goal.
We are looking for talents who strive to improve themselves, learn together with
colleagues for transformation and the future of Movensys.

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing of Movensys is not restricted to simple sales activity but extended to understanding customers' diversified needs, providing efficient solutions to close the deals. It also includes acquiring new customers through market research with data analysis as well as making differentiated strategies for raising market shares in the overseas market. Thus, we are expecting a person with aggressive mind with high spirit and fundamental values such as credibility, communication skill, experience, positive attitude.



Research & Development department is unceasingly developing Soft Motion and Soft Master technologies which are our core competencies and software-based motion control solutions. We are creating original values and potentials that have not existed before in order to become a global leader with motion control as a total solution provider. This requires professional knowledge, analytical thinking, troubleshooting, creativity, and most importantly, integrity and responsibility to achieve development goals.


Product Management

Product management plans overall products and suggests business models overarching entire business area. It also coordinates communications between the customers and Movensys and collaboration between R&D and other departments. Its major area of focus includes general management of new product development process, planning and proposing business models for different types of products which requires keen insight and accurate communication skills.


Technical Support

Technical support of Movensys provides satisfaction to customers by resolving technical issue that our customers may experience from development phase to maintenance. Since customer satisfaction is the top value of Movensys, this position requires high degree of understanding our solutions as well as customers' system. Positive and listening attitude to customers' voice are essential.



Human resource and general management takes care of recruit, assessment, compensation of talents, setting up organizational structure, and managing human resources. Further, HR/GA establishes strategies to support the growth of recruited talents and guide them to appropriate positions. It also provides safe working environment for Movensys employees, plans and executes benefits, manages company assets as well as administrative tasks required for making official, public documents for business. ​


Finance / Accounting

Finance and accounting department provides valuable information to various stakeholders (customers, investors, employers & employees) for them to make well informed decisions related to purchasing, investing, and management. Additionally, it gives guidance to efficient, optimized execution of company budget. Therefore, scrutinizing mind for checking and verifying business processes and high communication skill for collaborating with other departments are indispensable.


  • 01

    Sales & Marketing

  • 02


  • 03

    Product Management

  • 04

    Technical Support

  • 05


  • 06

    Finance / Accounting

Ideal Candidates

Core Values of Movensys Talents

  • Creativity

    A person with unconventional
    spirit and creativity​

  • Challenge

    Unceasing effort for self-improving,
    not afraid of making mistakes ​

  • Transformation

    Actively taking initiatives and thereby
    turning crises into opportunity

Employment Procedure

Annoucement > Application Review > Interview with Staff > Interview with Executives > Employment Decision(Individual notification)

  • Application Documents

    Résumé & a letter of self-introduction (including past careers for technical positions). Personal portfolio for R&D positions

  • Qualification

    It may differ according to position. Refer to the announcement for each job posting. Must be qualified for overseas travel and no history of avoiding military service

  • How to Apply

    Send us an email to recruit.kr@movensys.com. Click here to see open positions.

HR Benefits

  • 01Expedited promotion for outperformance
  • 02Performance based incentives
  • 03Awards for best and long-term
    employed personnels
  • 04Company stock option
    for key performers