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모벤시스는 주변 장치를 간단한 배선으로 쉽고 간편하게 입출력할 수 있는 Dunamis I/O와 다양한 브랜드의 I/O를 제공하고 있습니다.

Controller TechnologyDunamisI/O BHY-IO2 EtherCAT Series

BHY-IO2 EtherCAT Series

MOVENSYS' BHY-IO2 EtherCAT Series is a stand alone type and enhanced digital I/O module based on EtherCAT. Applicable to a variety of connectors, and with the convenience of wiring, customers can broaden their selection.


•  EtherCAT-based enhanced Digital I/O module
•  Simple wiring
•  Support synchronous control mode (DC Sync, SM Sync)
•  Enhanced compatibility, maintainability and reliability 
•  Fixed Address
•  Output Latch 
•  Input Signal Filtering