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[Movensys’ Solution] Integration of WMX and AI Technology_ AI Auto Tuning

  • 2023.09.19
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When connecting equipment and each motor, manual tuning is necessary because there are differences between the controller commands and the actual motion of the equipment. 

However, there is no definitive manual specifying which parameters should be applied most effectively, and optimal parameters must be found through various tests. 

Therefore, test operators need to have extensive on-site experience to reduce the number of unnecessary test repetitions. 

Movensys is developing the AI Auto Tuning technology that can utilize AI technology to replace manual tuning. 

Would you like to learn more about Movensys' AI Auto Tuning technology?

Equipment Auto-tuning by AI technology

AI technology allows to make accurate and quick decisions by the continuous learning from a vast amount of data collected in factories and processes. 

Movensys is developing a solution that utilizes AI technology to enable auto-tuning between master and slave devices through EtherCAT communication within WMX without using a tuning program.

The benefits of integrating WMX with AI technology

- Efficient resource allocation

WMX allows for the control and tuning of factory equipment with just one single PC. 

By automating the manual tuning process, it is possible to optimize manpower and tuning programs, leading to enhanced resource allocation efficiency.

​- Possible for technological advancement and technological internalization

Possible to identify optimal parameters and advance the technology by continuously analyzing data based on AI technology.