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Movensys provides training programs for our valued customers to enrich
our main product knowledge, increase technical expertise and productivity.

Training Curriculum

  • 1. WMX3 Theory

    1) WMX3 Introduction and Benefits 2) WMX3 Specifications and Configurations 3) WMX3 Fieldbus 4) WMX3 Motion
  • 2. WMX3 Intall

    1) Configure folders and files 2) RTX64 Settings 3) Windows, BIOS Environment Settings
  • 3. WMX3 How to use the utility

    1) WOS (Communication Connection, Standard Motion) 2) MotionScope 3) NetConfigurator 4) WMX3 Manager
  • 4. WMX3 Set-Up

    1) Communication Connection 2) Communication Settings 3) I/O Settings 4) Parameter Settings 5) Motion (Utility)
  • 5. WMX3 How to use the API (C# or C++)

    1) WMX3 User Manual guide 2) Visual Studio Devleopment Environment Settings and Dll Managements Method 3) Architecture Introduction, Device Managements, Error Clears 4) WMX3Api, CoreMotionApi, IOApi Class Function practice 5) Sequence control practice (Motion Flag, Profile Parameter, Wait) 6) ApiBufferApi, LogApi, EventApi Class Function practice 7) EcApi Class Function practice

* Please contact your training representative for any other training that is not included here.

Training Inquiry

ScheduleThe last thursday of every month

Time10 am to 4 pm

Number of
Up to 8 people
(If exceeded, it will be decide on a first-come, first-served basis.)

LocationMovensys Headquarters
(Please refer to the 'Training Center' below for detailed locations.)

CostFor free

MaterialPersonal Notebook

* For training inquiries, please contact the contact information below.

Training Center

  • Address: 8F Joy City Tower, 25 Hwangsaeul-ro 258 beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 13595
  • Tel: +82-70-4866-2790
  • Fax: +82-70-4015-5066
  • Inquiry:
  • Location

    - Public Transportation: Sunae Station(Suin Bundang Line) 400 meters distance from Exit 1

    - Driving: Parking Support