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WMX is Movensys' software control brand and software-based motion control platform.

Moventecture is a unique technology architecture that enables motion control of equipment on Windows PCs with only software alone.
It helps replacing traditional motion controller boards by reducing complex cablings of legacy hardware based systems. Motion control from a single PC simplifies overall system overhead, and customers can customize real-time control threads according to their requirements for high speed and accuracy.​


  • Based on a real-time operating system, it ensures periodic and real-time control by occupying one or more cores of a multicore CPU.
  • Open Architecture (Moventecture) enables users to develop additional functions that they need, beyond the basic motion functions included in WMX.
  • Easy for users to develop the desired functionality using general programming languages such as C, C++, C#, VB, and Python.
  • Obtained the highest level of EtherCAT Master Class, Class A standard.
  • Supports communication protocols including EtherCAT, CC-Link IE TSN, MECHATROLINK-4 and while simultaneously enabling hybrid control.


  • License:

    Windows, Standard, Advanced

  • Operating system environment:
    • Windows + Real-time OS RTX64
      Control of 128 axes (1ms) to 16 axes (125μs)
    • Windows OS (Non Real-time)
      EtherCAT (128 axes, 8ms)
      Simulation (128 axes, 1~8ms)
    • Linux Ubuntu OS + Xenomai based RTOS
      Integration with various Linux-based applications (Example: ROS, ROS2)
    *Linux OS is a special order, so please contact our sales team separately.
  • Communication:

    EtherCAT, CC-Link IE TSN, MECHATROLINK-4 (Hybrid communication available)

Additional Options

Robot Option:
  • SCARA Robot (스카라 로봇)이미지
    • SCARA Robot

    You can drive multiple SCARA robots within the maximum number of axes allowed by the WMX license.

  • 6-DOF (6축 다관절 로봇)이미지
    • 6-DOF (6-Degree Of Freedom)

    You can drive multiple 6-DOF robots within the maximum number of axes allowed by the WMX license.

3D Simulator Option:

MovenView is a special feature of WMX3 that utilizes simulation in the early stages of equipment research and development to reduce motion sequence development time and improve equipment development quality through pre-validation.

simulator 설계도 이미지
  • MovenView Expert
  • MovenView Expert is a tool for setting the axis, direction, origin, and other parameters of virtual equipment using 3D drawing files.

  • MovenView Play
  • MovenView Play is a tool that allows you to operate the mechanism set with MovenView Expert and perform collision detection and sequence verification.

Other Options:
  • AVX (Anti-Vibration Extended License)
  • - By using SynseIT (VMS) with AVX measurements product can be performed to reduce the vibration generated during motion driving.

AVX (Anti-Vibration Extended License) 작업 방식 이미지

Features by License

라이센스별 기능 이미지

*1) RTX and Windows trial versions can be used for up to 3 months. (For Windows version, API testing is possible in simulation mode without any functional limitations.)

*2) Windows version allows continuous communication in 1 hour increments without a license.

*3) WMX3 options such as AVX, SCARA, and 6-DOF features are only available with the advanced license.

Detailed Specifications

Product Specifications

  • The Number of Control Axis

    4~128 Axes ㅣ Up to 64 sets for synchronous and interpolation control

  • I/O

    64,000 inputs ㅣ 64,000 outputs ㅣ Total 128KB

  • Communication / Command Cycle

    0.125ms (16-axis) ㅣ 0.25ms (32-axis) ㅣ 0.5ms (64-axis) ㅣ 1ms (128-axis) ㅣ 2ms ㅣ 4ms

  • Maximum Number of Nodes


  • Communication Platform


  • Communication Connection Method

    Line | Ring | Star | Hybrid Communication

  • Development Language

    C | C++ | C# | VB | Python

PC Recommended Specifications

  • CPU

    Intel 8th Gen or higher recommended, i3, i5, i7, Xeon

  • Operating System

    Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC recommended

  • Version

    Windows 10 1809 or higher

  • Supported Network Card

    Support Intel NIC

  • RAM

    8GB or more

For more detailed specifications, please check the ‘WMX Online Help Center’ on the website.


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Front/Back-end Process (Photo, Etching, Wet/Dry Cleaner, Inspection)

Wafer Transfer Robot




Front/Back-end Process (Cleaner, Exposure, Coater, Etcher, Inspection)

Glass Transfer Robot



Smart Device

Camera Inspection

Flex Bending/Dispenser/Assembly



Secondary Cell (EV Battery)


Activation Process



  • 01


  • 02


  • 03

    Smart Device

  • 04

    Secondary Cell (EV Battery)

Core Technology - Moventecture

Moventecture is an open architecture technology unique to Movensys that optimizes connectivity with other software and networks through modularization for each detailed function of ‘Soft Motion’ and ‘Soft Master’.

모벤텍쳐 설계도 이미지
  • Stable real-time implementation
    • Maintain to regularity by storing the control commands of windows in each memory channel and buffer and transmitting the commands according to the cycle
    • Possible to fast and accurate control calculation through the same control signal and language regardless of network
    • Possible to stable control by automatically updated at precise intervals on the real-time OS
    • Freedom to configure the sequence by setting the cycle you want
  • Multi-network
    • Possible to various network matching only by changing the interface since the control module and the communication module are separated
    • Utilize hybrid network by defining two or more communication protocols within the interface
  • Program extensibility
    • Possible to optimal linkage with 3rd party programs other than motion control programs
    • Possible to develop and customize your own sequence by providing API library
  • Device reliability and scalability
    • Possible to create and add a separate control device besides general motion
    • Maintain optimal system resources by automatically creating a status monitoring management unit for each device
    • Minimize conflicts between devices by using individual memory and buffers in each device
      * Device: an element or handler that can perform a control operation; Utility
  • High compatibility with hardware
    • Compatible with various slave H/W considering only communication protocol
    • Maximize hardware scalability when using multi-network