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[Movensys’ News] Business partnership agreement between Movensys and Mitsubishi Electric

  • 2023.09.19
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Hello, this is Movensys.

We are excited to share news about our business partnership with Mitsubishi Electric, a leading Japanese electrical company.

Movensys' unique soft motion technology has also captivated global companies. 

In May, Movensys signed a business partnership agreement and secured investment from Mitsubishi Electric, recognizing our outstanding technical capabilities for various industries. 

WMX is a software motion control platform that enables real-time high-speed communication and control of AC servo motors from a single PC without additional hardware. 

WMX's flexibility supports CC-Link IE TSN + EtherCAT hybrid communication, allowing real-time data collection on-site and integration with IT technologies such as AI and the cloud.

Movensys and Mitsubishi aim to target the global market and contribute to the establishment of smart factories and productivity improvement through this collaboration. 

Furthermore, Movensys plans to expand its sales channels for WMX products based on Mitsubishi Electric's global sales network, establishing a stronger presence in the global market.