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[Movensys’ Solution] Success story of the introduction of WMX by Cressem, the company that manufactures inspection equipment for semiconductor manufacturing

  • 2023.09.19
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In modern society, digital technology is recognized as a key industry, driven by pioneering advancements. 

The importance of digital transformation is being increasingly realized not only in IT companies but also in manufacturing sectors such as semiconductor, display, and secondary battery production. 

To accelerate the realization of digital transformation and enhance factors such as flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability, 

the convergence of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) is essential. 

Recently, there has been a growing demand for the technology to control OT equipment using software, surpassing the traditional hardware-based control methods in motion control technology.

The challenges faced by customers

Cressem is a professional equipment company that provides inspection equipment for the domestic semiconductor manufacturing process. 

They have been using a hardware-based board-type controller. The challenges they faced due to the hardware-based control approach are as follows:

- The need for cost reduction due to intensified market competition.

- The need for advanced equipment control system.

- The difficulty of procuring existing PLC products and securing engineering talent.

- The challenge of increased equipment volume and hardware burden when adding control axes.

Decision to implement WMX

- WMX as a software-based control solution, symbolizes the convergence of IT and OT by controlling OT equipment with software, making it an essential element in the FA market.

- WMX as an optimal equipment control solution that supports various communications and operating systems, 

enabling multi-axis and advanced motion control for a variety of manufacturing devices with a single PC.

- WMX offers scalability, enabling customers to implement customization features, and it can easily integrate with Cressem’s AI vision inspection technology.

The benefits of implementing WMX

- Improved manpower management by 1/12

Management staff can be improved from 12 to 1 by transitioning from a distributed control system to a centralized control system.

- Facility space is reduced by approximately 1/20

Cressem typically requires up to 5 PCI cards to control a maximum of 90 axes. WMX can control without additional hardware, 

using only software on a single PC, allowing for a reduction in equipment volume.

- Cost savings and meeting delivery deadlines

By simplifying wiring and hardware through software configuration, cost savings can be achieved. 

Due to the low vendor dependency, component procurement is relatively stable, allowing to meet customer lead times.