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Movensys provides Dunamis I/O and various brands of I/O for easy and convenient input/output of peripheral devices with simple wiring.

Hardware Controller TechnologyDunamisI/O BHY-IO EtherCAT Series

BHY-IO EtherCAT Series

MOVENSYS' Dunamis BHY-IO EtherCAT Series supports the connection of various devices without topology restrictions, and allows peripheral devices to be easily with simple wiring without additional circuits to control them by connecting to the EtherCAT.


•  Digital I/O module supporting EtherCAT, a fieldbus based on high-speed Ethernet (100Mbps, Full-Duplex)
•  Simple wiring with e-CON connector type and terminal block type
•  Provided various 16CH & 32CH I/O modules
•  Digital I/O photocoupler Isolation