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[NEWS] Movensys advances into autonomous mobile robot business with U.S. Skylla

  • 2022.05.31
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MOVENSYS Inc. announced the partnership with Skylla Technologies Inc.(Note)(“Skylla”) startup company on May 31. They plan to develop a platform that integrates PLC, navigation and robot control system required for AMR from this partnership.

Through the integrated platform to be developed by the two companies, driving and motion control of AMR becomes possible on a single platform, which has advantages such as △cost reduction △reduction of engineer burden with no-coding program △EtherCAT-based scalability. This lowers the entry barrier to the introduction of AMR, so it is expected that it will be of great help to SMEs' smart factory implementation.

In joint research and development through this partnership, the two companies plan to develop an integrated platform in two stages. First, the first step is to replace the existing PLC and robot controller used in Jetstream with WMX. Phase 2 will embed WMX into the Jetstream platform. By implementing the robot interface and robot manager technology within WMX, it will be developed to control the driving and motion of AMR with a single platform. 

Pyongwon Pak, CEO of MOVENSYS, said, “We started developing WMX as a next-generation technology to replace hardware. And MOVENSYS, which has been successfully recognized in the fields of semiconductors and secondary batteries, will start developing technology to advance into the AMR business.” “This collaboration with Skylla is possible because WMX is the pure software-based solution. And it is expected that the integration platform with Jetstream of Skylla and WMX of MOVENSYS will implement AMR that does not exist before.”