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[NEWS] Movensys applies software-based control solution WMX to Cressem

  • 2022.06.27
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Up to 128 axes can be controlled only by software, and the cost is reduced by greatly reducing the hardware burden


Movensys announced that it has applied its software-based control solution 'WMX' to Cressem's equipment control system, a company specializing in semiconductor inspection equipment.


Based on AI technology, Cressem is a company that customizes inspection equipment for manufacturing processes such as semiconductor back-end process and automotive electronic equipment, and ultrasonic ACF bonding technology equipment. It is developing and supplying an in-line turnkey system for AI vision inspection for the first time in the industry.


While many equipment manufacturers adhere to hardware motion control systems such as PLC and PC-based board types, Cressem has introduced Movensys' software-based motion control (WMX) solution.


Cressem explained that it was able to minimize issues due to cost reduction and delay in the delivery of equipment ahead of the recent difficult supply chain situation.


In the case of a hardware-based board-type controller, the number of axes supported per PCI card is limited to 16-32 axes, so three to five additional PCI cards are required in a PC for a large-scale device. As the number of control axes increases, the additional cost as well as the burden on the speed and noise generated by the motor will inevitably increase.


Software-based control methods that can support networking and real-time OS, not hardware control methods, minimize this burden. In the case of Movensys' WMX, it can be controlled up to 128 axes with only software without additional hardware. With the introduction of WMX, Cressem drastically reduced the hardware required to control up to 90 axes, laying the foundation for a centralized control system.


Movensys said it analyzed takt time according to system analysis and control sequence analysis to provide a control system optimized for Cressem, and also supported professional consulting services for designing and optimizing motion profiles and optimizing servo motor performance.


Pyongwon Pak, CEO of Movensys, said, "Cressem could use WMX's reliable and flexible platform to reduce costs and reduce various burdens on control systems and focus on developing AI vision inspection in-line turnkey systems.", and “Like this success story that helped customers realize their creative and innovative ideas, the trend of converting to a software-based system capable of multi-axis and advanced control will accelerate in the future.”