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[NEWS] Movensys, certified to international standards for electromagnetic compatibility with the ‘Dunamis’ series

  • 2023.09.06
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Dunamis BHY-IO2 EtherCAT series added, outstanding compatibility, ease of use, and maintainability
Movensys has begun strengthening its product portfolio by launching additional products with stability and price competitiveness in the remote I/O series of the hardware brand ‘Dunamis’.

The 'Dunamis BHY-IO2 EtherCAT' series is a digital input/output module with improved functions that supports EtherCAT, an Ethernet-based industrial fieldbus. EtherCAT quickly transmits data to peripheral devices and supports various device connections with a flexible network structure.

The ‘BHY-IO2 32 points’ introduced by Movensys this time is characterized by supporting the input and output of a wider variety of peripheral devices with 32 contact points on the input/output unit, exceeding the previously released 8 and 16 points.

BHY-IO2 has a compact size, minimizes installation space, and can be directly applied to applications without setting up separate station commands through a switch. In addition, it has a flexible configuration with various I/O types, and allows user operation settings according to errors and malfunctions, improving compatibility and convenience of use.

BHY-IO2 has been verified for safety and quality by obtaining certification from international organizations such as Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Restriction of Use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). In particular, the EMC test is a test that evaluates electrical safety and product reliability for electrical and electronic devices. If a product is vulnerable to ambient noise, it is difficult to obtain EMC certification.

Movensys' BHY-IO2 passed all electrical safety tests and obtained European CE certification. It includes functions such as self-diagnosis of input/output and network status, and protection and blocking in abnormal situations such as overcurrent and overheating, enhancing the maintainability and safety of the product.

One of the advantages of BHY-IO2 is design suited to the working environment and reduced operating costs. BHY-IO2 is a plug-type and one-touch terminal block type product that pre-connects peripheral devices to the connector and can be attached and detached, providing convenience in wiring and reduction in operating costs.

Meanwhile, BHY-IO2 can be applied to a variety of fields, from semiconductors and flat panel display equipment to electronic assembly and inspection equipment, conveyor automation lines, food processing machines, automobiles, machine automation devices, textile machinery, and logistics.

Movensys provides hardware solutions optimized for ‘WMX’, Movensys’ motion control platform, including remote I/O, industrial computers, and steps.

A Movensys official said, “BHY-IO2 is a product optimized for device control with its strengths of stability and price competitiveness, so it will be highly utilized in various markets.”

In addition, “Movensys provides hardware and sensor solutions centered on WMX, and through continuous product development and research, we will present Movensys’ own integrated solutions optimized for customer needs.”