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[NEWS] Movensys launches WMX v3.6 with improved usability and GUI

  • 2023.12.19
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On December 15, Movensys released WMX v3.6, an updated version of WMX that can effectively improve user convenience in utilities, Api, algorithms, and more.

This update focused on user usability and GUI improvements to improve initial accessibility for new users. The existing various utilities were integrated into the four tools of WOS Plus (motion test and health monitoring), WMX Agent (system and engine management), Net Configurator (network setup and monitoring), and MotionScope (motion data logging and analysis) and will continue to be updated to make it easier for non-experts to build optimal motion control environments with minimal coding.

The main updates are as follows. 

1. WMX Engine (modules)

1) Motion and platform capabilities

A. Position compensation enhancement (an interpolation value can be set for any location)

B. Multi Stack function, PC to PC control function using Master/Slive mode

C. Perform motion and platform stabilization with 27 other new features and BugFix, etc.

2) Extensions

A. Equipped with Anti-vibration solution SynseIT v1.0

B. Add an enhanced robot control algorithm (6-axis multi-joint and SCARA robots)

2. WMX Application

A. Improved customer accessibility with the navigator function of the WMX Agent (new)

B. Integrated management with four tools: WMX Agent, WOS+, MotionScope, and NetConfigurator

The newly released WMX v3.6 version can be downloaded and tried on the page below.

WMX Windows OS Install Download (Free) => Immediate Downloadable Links

WMX Real-time OS Install Download