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모벤시스는 전체 회전을 여러 단계로 나누어서 제어하고 클로즈드 루프 시스템을 적용하여
고속·고정밀도의 Step 구동을 하는 Dunamis Step Motor를 제공하고 있습니다.

  • Step EtherCAT Series

    MOVENSYS’ Dunamis Step EtherCAT Series suppresses vibration and enables high-speed operation (Software Damping) with a micro-stepping system (high-precision micro-step operation up to 1/250 division), and can detect step-out with a high-

  • StepServo EtherCAT Series

    MOVENSYS' Dunamis StepServo EtherCAT Series is a closed loop stepping system (up to 32,000PPR with high-resolution encoder) and consists of a variety of drive and motor lineups (20~86mm) such as pulse train, built-in controller type, integrated type,