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모벤시스는 전체 회전을 여러 단계로 나누어서 제어하고 클로즈드 루프 시스템을 적용하여
고속·고정밀도의 Step 구동을 하는 Dunamis Step Motor를 제공하고 있습니다.

Controller TechnologyDunamisStep Step EtherCAT Series

Step EtherCAT Series

MOVENSYS’ Dunamis Step EtherCAT Series suppresses vibration and enables high-speed operation (Software Damping) with a micro-stepping system (high-precision micro-step operation up to
1/250 division), and can detect step-out with a high-performance DSP without a sensor.


         CiA402 drive profile support

        Microstep operation (up to 1/250 division)

        Software damping (reduces velocity ripple)

        Increased torque

        Step-out detection possible without a sensor