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It is our firm belief that you must be proactive, not just waiting, to achieve your goal.
We are looking for talents who strive to improve themselves, learn together with colleagues for transformation and the future of Movensys.


Research & Development department is creating software-based motion control solutions which are our core competencies with unrivaled technology in line with various changes and trends. This requires general knowledge of motion control technology: expertise in software and hardware, and analytical and problem-solving skills.


Solution Consultant

As a solution support group within the sales department, we provide solutions to solve technical issues and problems that occur during product development and use. This position requires a broad understanding of the customer’s system and solution implementation environment and an attitude of listening and accepting opinions for communication with customers.


Technical Sales/Product Distribution

Technical Sales is not just product sales, but we propose efficient complex solutions by identifying customer needs. Through trend analysis and market research, we strive to expand our domestic and overseas market share through differentiated sales strategies. In particular, the ability to maintain trust and communicate with customers is essential, and an active and positive attitude is required.



Human resource and general management department is responsible for establishing and developing strategies for organizational/human resources management including talent acquisition, evaluation, compensation, and organizational design, and for the growth of talents, establishing a working environment for employees, establishing and implementing welfare system, and asset management. As we are in charge of business and administrative tasks, professional knowledge in human resource management and business management is required, and communication with various related departments is very important.



Financial/accounting department provides useful financial information for various stakeholders (customers, investors, employees, etc.) to make rational decisions (product purchase, investment, business management, etc.). In addition, we are in the business of effectively managing funds, including fund management and procurement. Therefore, meticulousness to check whether processing is done accurately according to certain principles and smooth communication skills for collaboration with various departments are essential.



Marketing of Movensys is in charge of all tasks necessary to publicize and show Movensys externally. Based on the technological history and values from the past to the present, we are creating and distributing content that introduces Movensys' unique solutions along with the presentation of a new vision.
Due to the nature of the job, this position requires an active and enterprising mind and efforts to periodically search for related industry trends along with smooth communication skills and a positive attitude are required.


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    Solution Consultant

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    Technical Sales/Product Distribution

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Ideal Candidates

Core Values of Movensys Talents

  • Creativity

    A person with unconventional
    spirit and creativity​

  • Challenge

    Unceasing effort for self-improving,
    not afraid of making mistakes ​

  • Transformation

    Actively taking initiatives and thereby turning crises into opportunity

Employment Procedure

Annoucement > Application Review > Interview with Staff > Interview with Executives > Employment Decision (Individual notification)

  • Application Documents

    Résumé & a letter of self-introduction (including past careers for technical positions). Personal portfolio for R&D positions

  • Qualification

    It may differ according to position. Refer to the announcement for each job posting. Must be qualified for overseas travel and no history of avoiding military service

  • How to Apply

    Send us an email to, Click here to see job announcements.

HR Benefits

  • 01Special promotion for excellent job performance
  • 02Performance based incentives
  • 03Awards for best and long-term employed personnels
  • 04Company stock option for key performers

Company Benefits

A variety of benefit plans are sorted so that the best talents can focus on their work.

  • Vacation

    - Annual leave / Half-day leave​ (a four-hour, six-hour shift)
    - Summer vacations (3days seperately from annual leave)
    - Leave for major family occasions​
    - Leave for giving birth, child care, family care etc.
    - Annual paid leave for long-term employees​ ​

  • Development Support

    - Support training programs for job performance​
    - Support foreign language learning
    - Support book purchase​​

  • Amenities

    - Company cafeteria & Snack bar
    - Phone booth

  • Business Support

    - Provides IT equipments
    - Support phone bills (partial)

  • Other Support

    - Talent recommendation incentive system
    - Parking fee (partial) ​
    - Provides lunch / dinner (conditions apply)

  • Benefits

    - A flexible work system (go to work between 08:00 and 10:00)
    - Family Day (leave early on once a month)
    - Working in the morning on holidays and birthdays
    - Support major family occasions
    - Team dinner
    - Job invention compensation system
    - Compensation for proposals

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