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Movensys provides Servo Motors controlled based on high speed response frequency and position feedback signals using encoders.

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AC Servo

High-speed responsiveness is realized with Panasonic's products, and high-precision positioning is achieved by automatically eliminating micro-vibrations due to resonance or vibrations caused by machine shaking.

MINAS A6 Family

In addition to hardware upgrades such as CPU, our proprietary algorithm is installed to realize higher speed responsiveness, and to achieve high-precision positioning by automatically eliminating micro-vibrations due to resonance and vibrations caused by machine vibration.

<MINAS A6 Features>

      Response frequency 3.2kHz

      Industry-leading high speed (6500r/min), high torque​

      Realization of small and light weight (67.5 mm, 750 g)​

      High-speed response, high-precision positioning​

      ​​Simple and quick setup, settling time reduced by about 64% compared to conventional​​

      Fully closed control (command input 8Mpps, feedback output 4Mpps high-speed response)



 <MINAS A6B Features>

      Response frequency of 3.2kHz for high-speed and high-precision operation​

      Communication speed 1000 Mbps, motor setting with a maximum rotation speed of 6500r/min​

      EtherCAT application (control mode, origin return mode, synchronous and asynchronous mode)

      Various slave system up possible

      Realization of PC-based system without dedicated hardware

      Official EtherCAT Conformance Test correspondence

MINAS A5 Family

A modern servo system that meets all the needs of a variety of machines that require high speed, high precision and high performance, or require simple setup.

<MINAS A6 Features>


      Response frequency 2.0kHz

      Industry-leading speed stability

      High-speed response of 4Mpps to the industry-leading high-performance positioning resolution command 

      (pulse type)

      Multifunctional real-time auto-tuning

      Lightweight and miniaturized motor 

 <MINAS A5B Features>

      Response frequency 2.3kHz

      EtherCAT compatible​

      Communication speed 100Mbps

      Real-time auto-tuning, various vibration suppression filters are installed​

      A faithful EtherCAT application​

      Various slaves can be applied

      A PC-based system can be realized without dedicated hardware​

      Linear motor compatible product (A5BL), DC24V compatible product (A5MB) lineup


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